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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long have you been in this location? Is this your only location?

We are in our seventh year of business and we are always evolving to our brand to reflect our version on style.

2. What sizes do you carry?

Size is fluid. Specifically we carry x-small through x-large, pants range to a size 16. But honestly. What is size if not someone else’s interpretation. My clothes come from many different countries; Canada, India, China, USA and Spain. Certainly these countries have not come together to develop a “Universal” size Large. Large is that designers interpretation of a Large. Consequently, Size Large can be an 18? Or it can be an 8!!

3. Do you Carry Petites?

Petite is kind of an old term, that reflects a side of fashion that was very limiting. Fashion has evolved into Style, and styles that look good on a tall person do not necessarily look good on a short person. Cutting 4 inches off the bottom is not going to change this. Of course this works in reverse as well! Weather your short , tall, hippy, long wasted or curvy, we can help you find styles that fit your body.

4. Do you Carry Plus sizes?

We do not carry plus sizes. We choose instead to carry fashion that can accommodate women of all sizes. Generally, these items can range up to a size 18.

5.What Brands do you carry?

Our most popular brands are JAG, Kut from the Kloth, Papillon, Coobie, Nikibiki, Tribal, Embrazio and Simply Noelle.

6.Do you have layaway?

We do not have layaway at this time.

7.Do you have shoes?

Off the beat and trail is the shoe brand we currently carry. We specialize in comfortable fashion.

8.Do you sell online?

Currently, we do not sell online.

9.What is your Hold Policy?

If you see something you like, our best advice is to buy it! Our quantities are very limited, and most of the time, we cannot order the item again. However, we are happy to hold an item for 24 hrs. We call this a “Soft Hold”, because if someone walks in after you, looking for the exact item you placed on hold, we will most likely sell it. Then we refer back to the original statement….”If you like it, Buy it!”

10.Can I have a donation for our Fundraiser?

We feel we can best serve our community if we gather our resources and put them all into one great cause. Madd Style is happy to support Project Self Sufficiency.

11.Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes…Here is a link: www.facebook.com/maddstyleboutique/

12.What is your return policy?

Our return policy is 10 days and we will exchange the item or give store credit. We are unable to give cash back or credit your card. We encourage all of our shoppers to try on their clothes and be sure you love it before you leave the shop.

13. Do you carry any Local Brands

We are proud to support our Local artists and have several Local Companies that we support.