About Us

Hi all!
I am Chris, the owner of Madd Style Boutique.  I am also a mom of two and living as a proud woman in her 50’s! In 2011 I established Madd Style with the primary goal of making getting dressed simple and effortless for women. Like many women and moms, I too found the experience of shopping for clothes to be very unsatisfying, and when nothing fit I assumed it was my fault. I felt like my choices were wearing clothes that hurt or dressing like my mom...neither option was ideal. That is why, when I opened Madd Style, I made it my mission to provide affordable, size inclusive brands made for women, that are designed with fabrics that stretch and move with your body.  As the primary buyer for Madd Style, I attend shows several times a year to see what the new trends are for the coming season.  Each line that I choose to carry - whether Junior, Contemporary or Missy -  has what I call the “Sweet Spot”.  These are pieces that look great on many body types and blur the lines of age appropriate fashion.

We are here to offer a one of a kind shopping experience where you can find your style and find what makes you feel beautiful. We can’t wait to see you!