Sauberkugel - No Crumbs GmbH



(The packaging is bilingual: English and German) MADE WITH ❤️ IN GERMANY! 10 YEARS GUARANTEED ADHESION WITHOUT ADHESION LOSS! Removes dust, fluff, crumbs & grains of sand from your bag. Suitable for all bags, backpacks and satchels! It's so easy your bag always stays clean! Through Movement and the Daily Rummaging in the Bag Absorbs the Sticky Inner Ball the Dirt Particles On. The clean ball on a look: • Is reusable • Without loss of adhesive strength • Suitable for all pockets • 100% recyclable • 16 grams light • 3.5 cm tall • Made in Germany • 10 year guarantee • without silicones • Easily washable with Lukewarm water and a drop of dish soap - it never loses its adhesive power The sticky ball is free of PVC, plasticizers and toxic ingredients.